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Beginner Specific Classes

Learning Curve: Learn basic pole movement to include things such as spins, body rolls and other dance movement with the pole

Pole 101 - Intro to Pole: Basic Pole spins and tricks 

Attire: Shorts are best, bare foot or pole heels
Please do NOT apply any lotions or oils prior to class and no jewelry 

Multi Level Classes

All The Feels: Dance based pole class focus on dance and not to many pole tricks.

Exotic Pole: Flow based class for any level. Class focuses on the movement of the body.

Low Flow: Class based on utilizing the bottom 1/3 of the pole to include floor/base movement

Pole Strong: Pole conditioning class, learn pole movement while focusing on building strength

Open Pole: Instructor free open studio time. During this time there is no structored class

Multi-Level Drop-in: Great for beginner through advance, class content based upon each persons experience

Shorts are best for all pole classes. Shoes optional, please be sure they are pole specific heels for classes. High socks/knee pads are always nice to have with you.

Intermediate/Advanced Classes

Intermediate Pole Tricks: intermediate level class work on tricks such as superman, extended butterfly, numerous drops and climbs

Advanced Pole Tricks: NOTE: Class requires knowledge of intermediate pole tricks to include shoulder mounts, handsprings, ect

Pole Choreography: Pole choreography class requires knowledge of spins/climbing as well as basic inverting. 

Intermediate/Advanced Drop-in: Class can range anywhere from intermediate spin combinations, spin pole, inverted tricks, ect. 

If you are unsure that any of these classes are a good fit for you, please email us at 

Non Pole Classes

Exotic Floorwork: Beginner through advanced class. Be sure to have high socks or knee pads. Shoes are optional.

Active Flexibility; Multi level class. Be mindful of keeping your body warm throughout. Leggings/sweatpants suggested. 


Lyra: Multi-level class, Please be advised shorts or bagging clothing are NOT recommended.

Adult Tap

Series Courses

Series courses are a 4 week course that provide 4 90 minute classes, always the same day and time. Classes include a full 4 weeks of new tricks and spins along with choreography for levels 1 & 2. We also never share poles during series courses.

Level 1, 2, 3 and 4

Upcoming Series:
Pole Level 1 - Thursday October 26th start
Pole Level 2 - Monday October 9th start

Please email to inquire scheduling

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