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While we are not a competition focused studio, we do have a very large number of clients that do participate in competitions which lead us to create "Chrome Empire Competiton Cult",

On average we participate in three PSO competitions per year with anywhere from eight to ten competitors. The competition popularity within the studio has prompted us to create this competition team.

We have open enrollment every January for the year. Team includes things like specialized classes monthly, choreography privates, consultations, "Cult Gear" and much more.

For information please email
2024 Season registration closes January 6, 2024
Scheduled participating competitions APC (April 2024), Liberty (July 2024), Great Lakes (November 2024)

APC Registration closing March 18, 2024

2024 Compete - Atlantic - Washington, DC – Pole Sport Organization

Liberty Registration closing May 20, 2024 

2024 Compete - Liberty - Philadelphia – Pole Sport Organization

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